The 2014 Bucket List


By the time 2014 kicks the bucket, I’d like to have done some stuff. And a lot of stuff. So I’d rather not wait for January 1 to roll around before I start pontificating my agenda on the new year and start unpacking it now. It should be a year for AWESOME.

Lots of Conversations

I would like to make a habit of getting into conversations with people about what I see is their passion center. (It’s kinda like the juicy center of a starburst. More on that later. Actually no. I probably won’t talk about starbursts anymore.)

If you’re on this list, I’m sorry that I’ll be tracking you down and trying to get at the core of your spirit for whatever it is that you’ve been called to do. (okay, you got me… totally not sorry.)

– Doug Robins and urban leadership.

– Joe Cavazos and graphic design.

– Mark Richard and Andre Jennings about the creative process.

– My father, George, about theology. (and I mean father in the paternal way not the priestly way. He’s actually my dad)

– Rey Lopez about writing.

– David Saathoff about long term leadership.

– John Witte about story, the Bible and how we all connect with that.

– Jon Pyle and Sandrine about Community and making something infectious.

– Rick Lopez about art, design, sketching and how it all boils down in the pot.

– Carlos Maestas about Freelance work.

– Humbie Cervera about production.

– Scott Clinton about worship, musicianship.

I’ll probably uncover some awesome secrets, find out what motivates people, and maybe eat a starburst with someone (tried to go for the callback… it didn’t work.)

Learn a New Skill

Whatever I do next year, I better be learning something. Without learning, we atrophy. We get sluggish, stop testing ourselves and inevitably break down. I’ve pulled up some contenders for these new skills.

– 3D Modeling

It’s been a topic I’ve already found intriguing, and I’ve dabbled in its dark arts, but I think I’d like to dive in headfirst to figure this 3D modeling thing out.

– Comic artistry

I’ve been working at this recently (if you recall earlier posts with cartoony goodness), but I haven’t really taken the time to immerse myself in the comic book atmosphere. I think graphic novels (even webcomics) have a way of giving society another way to look at itself. Just look at the popularity of comics now (the Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, even the Walking Dead). I want to see if I have stories to tell in this medium.

Take on a New Challenge

I think I may have already filled in this category. I tend to do this too often. Maybe I should stick to a challenge instead.

Take on Stick to a New Challenge

(there that’s better) I tend to find things that don’t work for me; roles that I could play that just don’t pan out. Right now, I think at work, I’m running about 3 roles (designer, creative and marketing) that fit because they have a certain amount of synergy to them. My 2014 Bucket List should have me sticking to these guns and robbing the train of success. (Okay, we’ll put that analogy into the trash bin and chalk it up to the excessive caffeine this morning)

If all goes well, 2014 should be a fantastic year. Now, I just have to unpack all of these things and figure out how to get at them. Of course, God will always come in and show me some new thing and take whatever planning I’ve done and use some and discard the rest (like these joke attempts no doubt).

If you’re not on this list, I wouldn’t worry too much. You can always bring me some starbursts (which I don’t think I really even like all that much) and we can talk. Some of the most powerful conversations of my life have been unplanned.

If you want to start a project together drop an email in my inbox, tweet @robfike, send smoke signals… however you want to do it. (I probably won’t see the smoke signals though. sorry.)


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