When the Pendulum Swings


Prepare yourself for a really random rant… sorry for the stream of consciousness.

The problem with getting our way is that our way usually means that someone else isn’t getting theirs. Life is constantly seeking equilibrium, and, like a pendulum, swings back and forth until it can resolve the tension of its energy.

We think we have control over life’s events when we are pushing our agenda, pushing that pendulum toward our goal. It’s not until the force becomes too great, the weight of our agenda so crushing, that we realize that the pendulum will come back around.

Life is seeking balance, chaotically swinging back and forth until it can meet its middle. When we push our agendas, we are generating even more force and energy into a system that is desperately seeking a moderate stillness. And the pendulum doesn’t care who gets hurt on its way back around. We push it to its very apex and then become surprised when it comes back around to someone else’s agenda, when we should be trying our best to find a middle ground.


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