Creepy space suit guy


Love the details in the space suit! amazing work 😀


I was just sketching during a lull at my fake job (I get paid but I’m in denial that this is all that I am) and thought I’d use the office scanner/copier to digitize the drawing.  Initially, I was disappointed at the low res/quality of the image, but now I think the grainy-ness adds to the creepy look of this mysterious space man.  This is one of those guys who works in space, probably fixing FTL drives or reprogramming killer robots, but really just wants to retire to some solitary asteroid and drink himself into oblivion.  He’s the kind of guy that’ll hit you over the head with a wrench while you’re bent over a star fighter, trying to get its communication array back online, just because he wants to frame you for stealing all the stellar plasma he’s smuggled out of the temporal hold….

I love taking a few…

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