VisCom Drawing Pt 2


This drawing reminds me of my vacation in Terlingua, TX

Helen O'Dell/Illustration

In the afternoon, we were asked to draw an object in charcoal. Most objects were sculptures made out of books, but upon being asked if I would like a more interesting subject I heartily agreed to draw this sheep skull. As previously discussed I much prefer drawing organic objects. I enjoyed drawing this very much, and may work in charcoal in future.

However, after the allotted 20 minute of drawing we were asked to again swap with our neighbours. We then had to use erasers to see what effect they had on the charcoal images. This was a really brutal sensation, and many of us concluded that it felt ‘wrong’ somehow. This again brought up the challenge of ownership and authorship.

The effects on the charcoal however were pretty striking, adding a windswept motion to the pieces. We then had to erase as much of the original image as possible…

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