Napoleon Bonaparte and Propaganda Jan 12


Some history and some cartoon propaganda, both of which I love!

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Speaking of 19th Century Franco-English propaganda, let’s learn a little bit about Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Now eeeverybody knows that Napoleon Bonaparte was really short, right? He had an inferiority complex that drove him to crush all those tall Spaniards, Germans, etc. Well, that’s simply not the case. Napoleon was about 5’7″, or 1.7 meters. Even today that’s pretty close to median male height in America, which rests around 5’10”, and back in the early 19th century it was the median height. So where did all the short jokes come from?

Well, first, his nickname as an emerging officer in the French Revolutionary armies was ‘the little corporal.’ When Napoleon was climbing the ole pomotion ladder he cut his teeth as an artillery officer. When he was a general he still tended to head back to the artillery batteries and do some of the sighting and aiming of his artillery pieces himself…

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