An Oil Painting of Clowns Storming Normandy Beach


In all seriousness, the storming of Normandy Beach in 1944 was a bloody affair, but this just cracks me up as a dark and surreal twist on history.


‘An Oil Painting of Clowns Storming Normandy Beach’
Sometimes you get a commission request that you just can’t refuse, no matter how outlandish it might be. That was the case with this piece.

I was contacted by the wife of a brother from my old Iraq unit one day asking if I would be interested in doing a painting commission for her. Of course I was interested in the work, and even more so because of who it was for. When I heard the subject I was a little thrown. ‘An oil painting of Clowns storming Normandy beach’ had me furrowing my brow a little to figure out the significance. Then she told me the story of him hearing the phrase after watching an April Fools video gag of guys asking for fake items at a department store, and how he laughed and talked about it for days and weeks…

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junkpile ratbats


An amazing illustration!



Exactly the same technique as the shoebill-tribesman image. Possibly a little ambitious with the multiple light sources. Also, its not necessarily effective as an illustration – there’s possibly just a little bit too much to detract from a central focus. You’ll notice in the thumbnail there’s no figure and no light source, but in the developed image its struggling to be the focus. So, a poster then. See below for detail and bottom for  the source thumbnail sketch.



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