[ROB]ots, Puppies & Stuf Nominated for The Sunshine Award!


I have spent this past year blogging about art and life, curating pieces I’ve found around wordpress and sharing them as a celebration of talented people doing tremendously wonderful things. I’ve also given my thoughts on various subject, trying to add a humorous spin to them.

I also share my own journey in picking up drawing again. As a kid, I would draw superheroes all the time, and then, for some unknown reason, I just stopped for a good 10 years. But now I’m back! And I’m very grateful to accept this award.

I was thrilled to hear I had been nominated for the Sunshine Award!

The rules of this award are the following:
1) Use the Sunshine Award logo in the post.
2) Acknowledge the nominating blogger and show some appreciation by linking to their website.
3) Share a little blogging love by nominating 10 fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others” in the blogsphere & leave a comment on nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.
4) Share 10 personal factoids to contribute to the blogger community.

Here goes…Starting with the logo.
First, an official one, then an artistic innovation by another blogger, and then my own adaptation.

Sunshine Award

A huge thank you to my good friend Virtually Riki for nominating me for this award. I’m very touched to be such an influence that I would make such a cool list of people. Riki is all about connecting and exploring with others to find insight, which I think is just an incredible life mission and fully support that cause. It is exciting to connect with wordpress bloggers who truly love the art of exploration, connection, learning and teaching!

10 bloggers deserving of kudos!

I love following artists. It’s what I do. I enjoy finding great art and amplifying it through my blog to others, sharing a little bit of beauty with the rest of my world. Here are my nominees for The Sunshine Award!


Unsworthbecky – http://unsworthbecky.wordpress.com
Fantastic, thought-provoking illustrations!

Doodleby – http://doodleby.wordpress.com
I think the doodle is the very genesis of art, and so doodleby gets a nod for their creations.

Sarah Goodreau – http://sarahgoodreau.com
Amazing Illustrations!

Luke-Matthew Iveson Illustration – http://lukematthewiveson.wordpress.com
Another great blog of illustrations!

Pottering About – http://richardtpotter.wordpress.com/
A blog full of clever pop-culture related illustrations.

KW Illustrates – http://kwillustrates.wordpress.com
Illustrations and tales from the journey of both teaching drawing and experiencing it.

Abrian C Illustration Blog – http://musicalcheshire.wordpress.com
A blog complete with whimsical illustrations.

Artists & Curators

The Heart of Art – http://bryannachapeskie.wordpress.com
A curator of great art and artists.

Vera Tataro Art – http://veratataro.wordpress.com
An awesome collection of art from Vera. Multi-discipline and broad accessibility for any lover of art.

Doron Art – http://doronart.com/
A gifted, self-taught painter and a very supportive blogger.

About Me

Since this has already been a pretty full post by my standards, I’ll be taking time in my next post to talk about myself so people can get to know me.

junkpile ratbats


An amazing illustration!



Exactly the same technique as the shoebill-tribesman image. Possibly a little ambitious with the multiple light sources. Also, its not necessarily effective as an illustration – there’s possibly just a little bit too much to detract from a central focus. You’ll notice in the thumbnail there’s no figure and no light source, but in the developed image its struggling to be the focus. So, a poster then. See below for detail and bottom for  the source thumbnail sketch.



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More Top Cow and a Wolverine


Because Wolverine!

Aiming for Comics

Here are the first 3 panels for my rendition of the sixth page of the Top Cow sample script.  I still don’t feel comfortable with perspective drawings yet, but this was another set of panels where it was fun putting in the background.artifacts pg 7

Yesterday I was sketching to get my creative juices flowing and I liked how this wolverine turned.  So I decided to ink it digitally and make another attempt at colouring.wolverine

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Amazing Digital Illustrations | by La Boca


Check out these amazing illustrations by La Boca

Design Projects

La Boca is an independent design studio that specializes in illustrations & image-making.

They have done illustrations for musical artists like Bookashade and Muse, and have won tons of awards.

Take a gander at their work below.

Amazing Graphics by La Boca | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Amazing Graphics by La Boca | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Amazing Graphics by La Boca | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Amazing Graphics by La Boca | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Amazing Graphics by La Boca | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Amazing Graphics by La Boca | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration


For more check out their site below:

La Boca

If you can spare the extra 5 min like me on instagram Skuby89

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Holy Impressive Line Work, Batman!! (What Do You Look For In Illustration?)


DAT Line Work!


Don’t know what I mean when I say “impressive line work”?   Feast your eyes on some illustrations by the man who has my vote for Best Illustrator in the Whole-Wide Internet, Patrick Seymour.

patrick-seymourAnd last but not least…

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