Thoughts No One Wants To Hear (no. 3)


Commence unedited thoughts…

“Why is it okay to believe in charity and love charity, and then hate the Government for reflecting those same values?”


10 Things About Me (Sunshine Award Community)


This post is based in part on being nominated for a Sunshine Award (link), so you can go there to see what that is about and why I’m doing this now.

Here are 10 things about me.

I Love Art

Art has a profound impact on my life, and specifically the visual mediums: painting, drawing, film, and the like. That is why my blog is the way it is. I can’t NOT be moved by someone’s passion so eloquently encapsulated through their hands into an artistic expression. As I’ve stated before in my about page (here), art is a product of creativity, and creativity is an expression of our understanding of our creator.

I Like to Draw

I really like to draw. When I was a kid, I would draw all the time. It was a product of a deep love for comic books, superheroes and the idea that people were making the world a better place. Somewhere along the way, I stopped drawing, maybe stopped believing that stuff. But recently, I picked the pen back up and I’ve started to reacquire that passion for drawing.


I Like the “WHY”

For some reason, I’ve always asked “Why?” You can ask my mom. She will admit that I was a handful as an adolescent because I wouldn’t do things without understanding the why of it. I think it is because without understanding, there is no meaning. My actions have no meaning, if I (and the people around me) don’t know why I’m doing it. A movement is empty of meaning if people don’t understand the “WHY”. It’s okay to question the reasoning for doing things. It’s okay to be curious.


Take a thought, make it breathe. Nothing would exist today – society, culture, art, music, religion – if someone hadn’t taken the time to write something down. If someone hadn’t taken stories passed down through oral tradition and transcribed them to paper (or some other form) their reach would be very limited today. It’s becoming my life mission to write things down, for better or worse.

My Beautiful Wife

I love my wife and we both design together and really sharpen each others skill in a fantastic way. It’s such a joy to share a life with her. She inspires me everyday to get up and do something with this journey called life!

2 Crazy, Rambunctious Dogs

My dogs, WiFi and Draper, are a couple of characters whose cuteness is only surpassed by their nature to create shenanigans. They inspire me in my art from time to time. We even put them on our christmas card this past year!

Christmas Card

I’m Designing a Board Game

I won’t say much about this, but I’m creating a board game with my good buddy, Andrew Sears. It’s going to be loads of fun, and when it’s closer to completion, I will definitely be sharing it here!

HISTORY is Important

History is important. It is a narrative of our collective actions to influence the course of events for all of mankind. And understanding that will change the way we react towards events, decisions and each other. Opinion matters, but it’s also not the end of the road. How we view ourselves now is shaped by the past, which means that our future is determined by the choices we make today.

I Also Make Videos

You can check out the work I’ve done here. I am well-versed in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. My other design work (in Illustrator and Photoshop) is really an extension of my video concentration.

I Like Your Art

I’ve really already said this earlier, but I think it needs saying again: I like your art. I share it. I reflect on it. It is important to remember as an artist, that other people’s work is just as important as your own. There are so many talented artists in the world, and I love that wordpress lets me connect and experience their talent regardless of distance.

Well that is 10 things about me. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Thanks for hanging in there all the way to the bottom of the post.

Inside the Social Media Echo Chamber


Our ideas are flawless. We have become convinced. We are above reproach, beyond any feeble attempt to argue. Our profile is the collection of a life lived 2 parts digitally, only 1 part physically. Friendships are built on assumed qualities of others, not necessarily the qualities made known by constant interaction. Intimacy is no longer necessary to know and be known, at least on the surface.

Our greatest desire in social media (an inner desire perhaps) is to have constructed a grandiose echo chamber, in which our own ideas bounce and reverberate through other people. We share and like and re-post and comment to stake our personality in the sameness of others. Bold, black and white comments on society, religion, politics, taxes, healthcare, lifestyle, demographics… all just pieces of paper that we stick to our digital bodies like fashionable clothing. None of it truly us, nor anyone else, but all of it a mass of meaning if it were to be taken seriously.

But some don’t take it seriously. What is most displeasing is the dissent of a lone negating comment. We grimace at the contrarian and roll our eyes in befuddled anguish as our echo is cut off by a stray wall of contrary delight. Suddenly the papers on our digital self are wrinkling, crumbling in the breeze.

But instead of reassessing our social media stance, we gather more paper to stitch together a persona. We all wear masks, hide the true and distinguishing qualities, in favor of appearances. And so the false intimacy gained by social media is an assumption of the laziest order. We look at photos and think of what it must’ve been like to be there, but we rarely make any effort to ask the questions that would give us that knowledge. We continue with the assumptions, live off the fantasy of a hundred lives we’ve never lived, nor care to understand them if the opportunity was ever presented. We create paper dolls of other people, other profiles, personas and put them on stage to develop some vague narrative of lives outside of our own.

What questions do we ask now?

Do we continue living inside the bubble: the echo chamber?

Do we live an assuming life, drawing conclusions from vague messages, photos and events or do we draw from questions asked between friends?

Sorry for the rant, I was just thinking about this in the morning and thought I’d share my brain with the internet. Oops.

(echo chamber graphic can be found here.)