One thought on “Thoughts No One Wants To Hear

  1. Ray

    A lot of people have the misconception and are deceived that God is a magician. Irks me to see people post along the lines of “pray this or that or repost this or that…blah..blah…blah, and God will do your a favor…”

    For a long time, I was one of those people and would get angry with God for not “granting my wish.” I stayed angry at God for a variety of reasons because the magic lamp was all shiny from all my work at rubbing on it but nothing happened.

    It took your dad, and a few other people as well as some counseling to get me to realize God doesn’t work like that and will never work like that. He’s not a magic genie in the lamp. Prayers aren’t magic or incantations to get Him to act on our whims. He controls our lives not us control Him.

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