Thoughts No One Wants To Hear


Commence unedited thoughts…

“No one believes you can find a lamp, rub it, and get wishes to fulfill selfish desires… so why do we treat God like that? This is my struggle.”


One thought on “Thoughts No One Wants To Hear

  1. Ray

    A lot of people have the misconception and are deceived that God is a magician. Irks me to see people post along the lines of “pray this or that or repost this or that…blah..blah…blah, and God will do your a favor…”

    For a long time, I was one of those people and would get angry with God for not “granting my wish.” I stayed angry at God for a variety of reasons because the magic lamp was all shiny from all my work at rubbing on it but nothing happened.

    It took your dad, and a few other people as well as some counseling to get me to realize God doesn’t work like that and will never work like that. He’s not a magic genie in the lamp. Prayers aren’t magic or incantations to get Him to act on our whims. He controls our lives not us control Him.

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